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    • Clint Eastwood

      Community Address #1   03/25/17

        Community Address #1 State of Next:RP   A lot has occurred in the past few days, we’re pursuing the objective of releasing the first “GTA 5 voice RP server” with the population of 250 or more that everyone has been waiting for.   That said, it is not a roleplay server if there aren’t any issues within the community, but by good fortune, we have a lot of people believing in the project and helping out.   We decided to split the ownership and having Rustic pursue his own community (also we wish him the best, as we all need to cooperate together respectfully for the growth, future and success of the GTA 5 RP genre as a whole.)   Right now, we had a release date that was announced but due to the last patch from Rockstar, minor compatibility issues arose within the developer's code. We don’t want to release a low quality project (as many other servers are). That being said, our developer is working on fulfilling everything in due time with high quality and large content. However, we have decided to give you guys some good news, release will be on the 14th April 2017.   We want to thank everyone in our community, making something new is always a challenge. Fortunately we have had tremendous support and help from veteran members joining us from different communities so that we can deliver something that will not self destruct months after the release (like many arma 3 RP servers).. is so overwhelming.   Along with the development we’re trying to strengthen the team by adding a new community manager (Clint Eastwood) known for being a commendable role-player, patient and one to execute upright management within the community.   TL:DR we’re alive, we’re moving forward, and we thank you all for waiting patiently, we hope to deliver something you’re gonna grow to love. We look forward to providing you with sneak peeks of our gamemode.   Be sure to add us on our official twitter page : https://twitter.com/NextRPLife   A early version of our launcher can be seen here;   Thank you, Josh Thomas Clint Eastwood Euri And Staff    
Alex Falcone

Alex Falcone - Civilian Application

First Name & Last Name: Alex Falcone

Date of Birth(Real Life): 11/29/98 (21)

How did you find out about Next:RP?: Thru a friend

Do you have any past experience with serious roleplay?: Yes, I am an administrator at SantosRP

Why do you want to join Next:RP? (150 Words Minimum): Well, I want to join Next:RP because I have always wanted a serious GTA V RP server but I have never found one. I saw this on google and didn't think much of it then it got menitoned again by a friend so I got intrested. I am currently an administrator at SantosRP so that means I know a lot about roleplaying and I know how not to break rules and what not. I think me knowing a lot about roleplaying makes me a lot more qualified then a lot of the other people that apply. I'm sure Josh and Rustic already know a lot about since I am in Josh's community. Now Rustic may think I'm a minge but I think my app shouldn't be denied because of that. Other then that like I said, I want to join because this looks better then all the other GTARP servers. So hopefully I get accepted and get to see how good Next:RP is.

Give us a background story of your roleplay character. (150 Words Minimum): Alex Falcone was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was the only child of his 2 pretty rich parents. His dad owned some type of tech company and his mother came from a rich family. Unfortunately when Alex was about 12 years old, hes parents were robbed and killed while driving by a shady part of town. So Alex was adopted by his grandparents and lived with them until he was 18.
Alex always wanted to find out who had killed his parents, and each day he was getting closer. Alex in rolled into the Police Academy when he was 21. He pasted all the trainings and got promoted to an Officer. When he was 23 he became a detective, he did a lot of work as a detective and soon found out who killed his parents, he also found out where they were. Alex decided that he would pack his bags and head out to Los Santos to find his parents killer.

Post the link to the rules here: 


Do you both; speak and understand fluent English?:


Have you read, understood and fully memorised the rules?: 


Do you understand that you need to be at least 16 years old to be apart of Next:RP?: 


Do you understand that if you in any way contact a staff member to look at your application, it will get it declined instantly and be put on a cooldown for 2 weeks?: 


Edited by David Archer

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Thank you for your interest in Next:RP
Your application has been


Please connect to Teamspeak ( nextrp.life ) and contact a support team member to do a microphone check!
Option two would be to connect to the channel named: Waiting for microphone check and wait for a Support Team member to arrive!
You have 48 hours to connect or you will be declined

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