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    • Clint Eastwood

      Community Address #1   03/25/17

        Community Address #1 State of Next:RP   A lot has occurred in the past few days, we’re pursuing the objective of releasing the first “GTA 5 voice RP server” with the population of 250 or more that everyone has been waiting for.   That said, it is not a roleplay server if there aren’t any issues within the community, but by good fortune, we have a lot of people believing in the project and helping out.   We decided to split the ownership and having Rustic pursue his own community (also we wish him the best, as we all need to cooperate together respectfully for the growth, future and success of the GTA 5 RP genre as a whole.)   Right now, we had a release date that was announced but due to the last patch from Rockstar, minor compatibility issues arose within the developer's code. We don’t want to release a low quality project (as many other servers are). That being said, our developer is working on fulfilling everything in due time with high quality and large content. However, we have decided to give you guys some good news, release will be on the 14th April 2017.   We want to thank everyone in our community, making something new is always a challenge. Fortunately we have had tremendous support and help from veteran members joining us from different communities so that we can deliver something that will not self destruct months after the release (like many arma 3 RP servers).. is so overwhelming.   Along with the development we’re trying to strengthen the team by adding a new community manager (Clint Eastwood) known for being a commendable role-player, patient and one to execute upright management within the community.   TL:DR we’re alive, we’re moving forward, and we thank you all for waiting patiently, we hope to deliver something you’re gonna grow to love. We look forward to providing you with sneak peeks of our gamemode.   Be sure to add us on our official twitter page : https://twitter.com/NextRPLife   A early version of our launcher can be seen here;   Thank you, Josh Thomas Clint Eastwood Euri And Staff    
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Josh Thomas

What can you expect in Next:RP Launch?

What can you expect from NextRP? 

NextRP is the newest innovative Roleplay Server on GTA. With extensive amounts of oppertunities, a variety of life styles you can vicariously live your life! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Members

To begin with, NextRP comes with a strong staff team. Dedicated people who know how to RP, what RP is, and how to enforce it. Staff is always willing to help, and there will be staff available almost all the time since we have staff from many different time zones!

Yes! We do have a voip system in place. This will allow for full immersion of local voice communication allowing you to interact with those around you. 

Player Limit
As many of you are aware, other Mods can only support a handful of players. We however, are expecting an astonishing 250-500 player max to allow for maximum efficiency!

Realtime weather system
We also are implementing a Realtime Weather System, this will allow for sync over all players to see the world as everyone else does! 

Property system
Tired of having nowhere to call home? A property system is in place indeed! Get ready to pick out your new home for all your parties or to bring that lady friend home.

Luckily, we have a safe spot for you to store your money with our banking system! Keep your money safe and your wallet happy!

Are you just a bad guy? That's okay, we accommodate for you as well. You have the ability to Rob stores, and do a little bit of drug trafficking. Three different drugs of varying value and risk will be available to you to try and sneak your way past law enforcement for a payout.

Looking to be a productive member of society? You have the choice to join the workforce. With a starting of 8 jobs to choose from, you can take home a paycheck and not get yourself in trouble.

Emergency services
Looking to do something a little extra with your life? The LSSD are looking for people today! With new innovative technology and tactics prepare to keep the streets safe, and take down some of the dirtiest people you will ever know!

NextRP is the home to role playing. With some of the best staff and players, we believe that this can be the home to those who look for strong, fun, and realistic RP, feel free to ask questions below!

This is the start, more features and oppertunites will come. We are not trying to be like everyone else, or have yet another 24 slot server. If this launch meets expectation, expect more and more.

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Next:RP is a serious roleplaying community where you can live vicariously through your character and become anything you want to be - a struggling taxi driver, a wealthy doctor, a notorious criminal, or even a valiant officer of the law.

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