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    • Clint Eastwood

      Community Address #1   03/25/17

        Community Address #1 State of Next:RP   A lot has occurred in the past few days, we’re pursuing the objective of releasing the first “GTA 5 voice RP server” with the population of 250 or more that everyone has been waiting for.   That said, it is not a roleplay server if there aren’t any issues within the community, but by good fortune, we have a lot of people believing in the project and helping out.   We decided to split the ownership and having Rustic pursue his own community (also we wish him the best, as we all need to cooperate together respectfully for the growth, future and success of the GTA 5 RP genre as a whole.)   Right now, we had a release date that was announced but due to the last patch from Rockstar, minor compatibility issues arose within the developer's code. We don’t want to release a low quality project (as many other servers are). That being said, our developer is working on fulfilling everything in due time with high quality and large content. However, we have decided to give you guys some good news, release will be on the 14th April 2017.   We want to thank everyone in our community, making something new is always a challenge. Fortunately we have had tremendous support and help from veteran members joining us from different communities so that we can deliver something that will not self destruct months after the release (like many arma 3 RP servers).. is so overwhelming.   Along with the development we’re trying to strengthen the team by adding a new community manager (Clint Eastwood) known for being a commendable role-player, patient and one to execute upright management within the community.   TL:DR we’re alive, we’re moving forward, and we thank you all for waiting patiently, we hope to deliver something you’re gonna grow to love. We look forward to providing you with sneak peeks of our gamemode.   Be sure to add us on our official twitter page : https://twitter.com/NextRPLife   A early version of our launcher can be seen here;   Thank you, Josh Thomas Clint Eastwood Euri And Staff    

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  1. Sorry to bother but where can I find ts3 IP adress? I only seem'd to be able to find Discord.

    1. Niels Hoffland

      Niels Hoffland

      The IP is NextRP.life

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    Thanks for the warm welcome.
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  4. accepted

    First Name & Last Name: Davis Cirss Date of Birth(Real Life): 28.04.1995 How did you find out about Next:RP?: I got invited, by Mass and Aaren. Do you have any past experience with serious roleplay?: Yes. Why do you want to join Next:RP? (150 Words Minimum): Because I know people who are creating it and I sense it might become something that, I have awaited. I'm currently roleplaying in different GTA V community, but if everything is how it seem's to be. I'l be dropping that place faster then thunder after lighting. I'm looking for community that grows and is working properly along with staff to create better place for everyone.Community that is place for everyone to enjoy their time being there, making new friends and enjoying your being a part of it. Current place I'm at it's a mess staff is working alone with multiple heads trying to make right choices which turn out to be wrong one's. But no one else see's it other then us players. A lot could be changed but it, won't change because place is run more like an business then a community. And you may ask why aren't players trying to help if there's such a mess? .. Well simply because they say that they agree but in end of the day, ain't jack shit changing or done about the issue. So me and some friends from the faction I run with them are looking for alternative options. Hopefully this might be it. Give us a background story of your roleplay character. (150 Words Minimum): Yuri and his brother Dimitri were captured and tortured in Russia for many months. One day, after he had been beaten and tortured,Dimitri returned to his cell, discovering that their cellmate Stanislav had died and his corpse had been left to rot by their guards. Although Dimitri was beginning to lose all hope that they would ever be free, Yuri revealed that he had ripped out Stanislav's ribs to be used as weapons against their guards. Together, they killed their captors and escaped, although Dimitri wished to go to Moscow, Yuri convinced him to travel instead to Los Santos to begin a new life. And so they did slowly starting small in Textile city market area. They had gathered enough cash to buy a booth there to start selling illegal electronics for cheap price. Until they plan out their next move, how to take slice from the city and called it their own. Post the link to the rules here: http://nextrp.life/index.php?/forums/topic/2-rules-regulations/ Do you both; speak and understand fluent English?: Yes Have you read, understood and fully memorised the rules?: Yes Do you understand that you need to be at least 16 years old to be apart of Next:RP?: Yes Do you understand that if you in any way contact a staff member to look at your application, it will get it declined instantly and be put on a cooldown for 2 weeks?: Yes
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    Hello. Some of you know me some don't. High hopes for this. Catch you all around.


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